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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. good morning breaking news, at least one person is dead, traffic is being affected right now. live in san jose, where a spike in gang violence has neighbors concerned and police as well. thousands of homes still threatened by raging homes, the factor is far from the fire lines that is complicating this fire fight. it is the first place, where you can go to see some of the biggest ships in the world's biggest sailing events. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is august 21st, i am dave
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clark. >> and i am pam cook. spilling into the coast and we are looking at gray skies over the bay this morning. a lot like how we started yesterday and we have a bit of a lower burn off for the marine layer as well as through the delta. i'll take a look as your numbers coming up. and as you drive through the avenue, there is a fatal crash, this crash is blocking left lane from the left heading northbound, southbound is not a facted but this could be a problem to marin county but so far it isn't because it is early and light, and according
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to chp, the eeway is lightly traveled in this area, and in san rafael, you can see how light it is heading back to the county. and in the city in just the past 8 days, tara moriarty has more on the latest victim and the continuing violence, tara? >> reporter: well, ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned exclusively this victim was only 17 years old and this deadly shooting happened with in a block of the he will men trishooting. the boy was rushed to the hospital by friends, the shooter has not taken off and it does not appear to began related. police are trying to figure out
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if the two shootings are corrected. he is specialed to bring the shooting death to 9 some care that when it surpasses the amounts in 2010 and it has only 20 homicides and we will being speaking with police a little more and hopefully we can bring you more information as soon as it is a available. a brazen attack on a u.s. chairman, coming up 4:15 what the mayor man is saying about the attack. if -- if they used weapons for
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the civil war, they are protesting against syria's president and the continuing violence. now this frost yesterday, this was in turkey after about 150 more refugees arrived from syrian. things a revote happened again last year. and it grew to more than 16,000 acres since it started yesterday, more than 7 homes have been lost and more than 3,000 are still at risk. there are more than a dozen fires burning and it's creating a fire agency across the state.
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a battalion chief says they could replace it with fresh crews. >> if it is necessary, we will and we do have the resources but currently we are not planning on doing that. >> out of the 9 bay area counties, only 5 can chairman pour. then gist click on the photo's tab. win of the biggest technique. in the apple samsung, claiming he stole its ipad technology. sick you can used its
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technology and if we went the biggest pattern verdict in world history and to begin even 3% yesterday. it was $633 billion. and they will be practicing off marina jeep, and we have some of the details with an exciting week of racing. allie? >> reporter: they have created aville -- village and just beyond, there are front row seats to the basement the boats we are seeing out there are just practicing practicing and their races will include 11
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boats representing 8 different countries and it is part of a series finale that will happen and the semifinals are on saturday and there is a week planned and if you want to see the action. don't forget alley, you can check our sports page, you can follow all the racing actions. >> allie is coming pack and you have had it done. >> yes, there is a crash, a car went off into a pole and it
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turned into a fatal accident, northbound 101 as you drive through novato, traffic is not affected, to marin county and it is also light and it is not a big problem getting into the city in your car, for that matter we checked in on time. right it is sunny rosedale, 508, let's go to rose mary. and we have a little bit of midst and drizzle falling, so windshield wipers will be needed. we have a westerly breeze and 24 miles per hour, so it is a lot stronger than where we were
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yesterday new york. we have a trough a approaching to 54 degrees. we will have a cool start, although a tad warmer than where we starting and mostly clear skies over danville, mid- 50s to upper 50s outside your door. that light on shore breeze and blowing through the delta, it is pretty robust and it will continue as this trough makes it lowser to the coast. this trough will be weakening, the northern half moving over northern california and south carolina. we will remain ugg hugging -- hugging the coastline, sunny mild conditions second expected and our inland areas will be sunny and warm, not as warm as we have been. 78 vallejo, 68 in berkeley.
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mid-60s in the city, 70 for hayward, mid-to-upper 80s, antioch, right around brentwood. 76 san jose, low-to-mid 70s redwood city in sunny veil, the extended forecast, cooling trend, wednesday thursday and then if you like it a little warmer, you are in luck, we'll see that as we head to the weekend, back to you. and whale watching is on the rise, the best place to catch a glimpse on the california coast and the problems they are causing. >> plus a man who oversees the investigation. and coming up, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area
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. the person who oversees reforms at the oakland police department, the city is investigating allegations that robert made inappropriate remarks to city leaders. the city's legal team filed a motion in court and they are asking a judge to keep details a secret. they are making sure he
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complies with the law firm which stands in place. a bold attack on an important plane right on a base in afghanistan. allison burns has more on how that strike was carried out, allison? >> reporter: martin dempsey was not near his plane when it was hit and these are some pictures from the department website. a trip shows it is unclear on the attack, and it happened overnight and he left on a different plane. he was meeting with government leaders about the up surge about the insider attacks launched by afghan security forces against international troops. how the u.s. says those attacks show pressure on the taliban is intensifying. it will happen during my next
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update in about an hour. a allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are learning two soldiers were among the men who went down in a fire fight with insurgence in kandahar province. they claimed responsibility and one of them killed richard he is section. and the other from cathedral city, for you afghans died in the attack. and skinny dipping, the fbi investigated this incident in 2011 and it involved kevin swimming naked in the sea of galilee. they say the fbi was investigating a separate thing and just happened to find out
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about that swimming incident. he was going to change a trip to cyprus but has since changed his financial documents. long time whale watchers say there has been a sharp increase in blue and hump back whale sightings. this is where they come to feed before they head to their breeding grounds in central america and that means more possible collisions with cargo ships hitting in and out of the area. they are working on a plan to reroute them and they are also checking on the whales. the atlanta based food chain bought a site for $2 million. they will allow carl junior to operate over the next few years before it takes over and this
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will be the 53 id chick fillet in florida. they are clothe to joining the american idol. >> who is that? >> that is nicky manage. >> they confirmed nicky manage has joined american idle as a judge. if it is true, nicky will be joining mariah kerry after some others will not be back for season 12. we will go to that accident injury crash, involving a pole and traffic is not affected so
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far, previously traveled in this area, let's go to 80 and heading out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems as you head throughout the area. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton, both look good as you head to the peninsular. a cloudy start out there, temperatures slipping back into the 50s while we slept and a little breezy this morning. we have loud cloud deck, and that will bring us a cool down for tuesday wednesday and thursday. a tad warmer, and get inland antioch 60 degrees and along the southern half of peninsular as well as mountain view and 67
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in san jose. a cloudy start, even a little bit of a bit of drizzle and we are not seeing the dense fog as we did yesterday morning. by noon, 60s at the coast, across the east bay, 60s across the peninsular and 50s along the coast for the inland areas. those are your lunchtime areas. here is a look at the afternoon high, as this trough looks at the afternoon coast, rolls over, numbers will continue to fall, 83 in sonoma, 83 degrees and napa in for novato and san rafael, the winds are blowing through the delta even gusting to 30 miles per hour, richmond, also breezy, 68 breezy in berkley, a nice breeze in concord and mt. diablo reporting winds to 38 miles per
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hour. that on shore breeze has definitely kicked in 70 for san mateo 60 in the city, low 60s at the coast. at the coast once again there is your cooling trends for you to see. 86 afternoon high on wednesday mid-80s on thursday and warming backup as we get through the weekend for saturday and sunday, back to you. and investors are holding out hope that they will lower borrowing coasts. and they are also showing gains, taiwan is showing more than 1% but hong kong lost ground overnight after they decreased chances that the country will lower its interest rates. checking in on our markets, a little quieter but future indicate another 4 year high.
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the s&p 500 is up about 3% in august. one of the earliest investors in facebook has sold off 80 percent of his shares. he sold more than 20 million shares after the stock up lasted, they had more than $385 million. they topped $1 billion, because his initial investment whatever a million. -- half a million. that is a nice return on the investment. >> something just happened, developing news, it just came to an end, we will tell you why dianne canceled that swim from cuba to florida. >> it doesn't get more exciting than this. the petaluma little league team is moving on, what is next for the home town heroes.
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plus a new report talking about the high number of african-americans or rested in san francisco.
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. welcome back, time now 524, a report is by the bay citizens, it shows african- americans are 7 times more
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likely to be arrested in san francisco and that's well above state averages and it may even be bigger because police departments often miss classify latinos as whites. some of them are blaming an out of date classification system for that error. and this just coming in, we are finding out, dianne's third swim just ended a short time ago. according to a website she was pulled out of the water. she had a lot of problems, the wind, the rain, the jellyfish, this is her 4th day of trying to make that swim. it is not clear but she is 62 years old and it is not clear what will happen next. this is breaking news, dianne is pulled out of the water
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trying to swim, we will bring you more details as soon as they are available. and a dramatic extra inning win... >> right field game over, california wins it... >> listen to the crack of the bat, downtown petaluma went crazy after he hit that walk off home run in the 8th inning. >> i have seen them get this way before, always down, they come back and fight hard and they find a way to win it and they will do it again. >> petaluma faces fairfield connecticut, that is the game they beat, the game 5:00 tonight, if you want to watch it once again in petaluma, tickets are $5. >> time now 6:28, how is 280 doing? >> it is doing well northbound 280 looks good in the santa clara valley getting up to
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highway 17. also the sunole great, that traffic is moving well and we will have a report very soon on that fatal accident in marin county coming up but first let's get to today's weather with rosemary. >> yes, on shore breeze is picking up through the delta, richmond reporting gusty conditions as well inside the bay. in fairfield, concord reporting 10, temperatures are going to be cloudy and cool once again and if the wind is blowing outside your door, it is expected to be brisk. areas near livermore and concord waking up in the 50s as well and 75 in oakland. today lab cooler day, we have on shore breeze continuing to pick up in the afternoon, 10 to 20 miles per hour, 60s at the coast, 80s to near 90 inland, back to you. >> time now 5:20, they have
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solved the problems with police radios, what has been upper fearing with police radios and causing system black outs. and also the 29th homicide recorded, how police are hoping to make businesses and residents feel safer. chp is investigating the reason they believe this pickup truck left the roadway.
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. good morning, time now 530, let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> it could be chilly depending on how you like it but the winds are broke through the delta up to 20 - 30 miles per hour so those winds are kicking in and the fog and clouds are in the coastal valleys. on tap for 60 degrees with that breeze continuing for the afternoon and temperatures will be below average as we head to wednesday and thursday, we will take a look at those numbers coming up. good morning, we have breaking news in novato and the crash was first reported at 335
5:32 am
this morning has turned into a fatal crash as alex savage will tell us more about this crash, alex? >> reporter: this was a pickup truck that slammed right into a power pole and i can show the scene behind us. the power itself has been sheered off. this is 101 northbound just north of the exit. the freeway is closed down and they tell me this driver likely fell asleep at the wheel and the reason they believe that is because they do not see any skid marks on the roadway. this power pole was sheered off at its base, according to chp, it is resting on the power lines above and a pg&e crew has stabilized that pole and it has not been affected through the line, it will take several
5:33 am
hours to repair this sheered off pole and one man is killed after his truck hits a pole, all level savage -- alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. around 7:00 last night, a man was shot to death on south sunset avenue. police say a 17-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital by friends but he died later. police are now searching for a suspect and they say the shooting appears to be gang related. police are trying to see if anybody they are connected. -- if maybe they are connected. a man was shot neurulas avenue, he is expected to survive. they are bringing the total number of whom size to 12 and compared to last year, the city had 27 homicide cases.
5:34 am
the total number of 2010, that is when the city of san jose had its lowest number in years, it was 20 homicides. they will begin law enforcement presence in sap hose. many business owners are considering leaving the area because of the crime. starting saturday, two additional sheriff's deputies will be patrolling and they are also hiring san jose police officers for foot patrols and they have more working more closely with law enforcement. at&t is working with owing land's police radios. each month they have as many as 500 radio failures and during president barack obama's visit, some radios went down for 30 minutes. now the problem is caused by at&t cell phone towers since public safety users have top
5:35 am
priority, at&t is working to resolve the problem and they released this statement. in the quote interest of public safety, we have taken two frequent is out of operation and we continue to operate on other frequent is and our 4 -- speak is -- frequencies and 4 g- service is in operation. they released those photos which show the progression of the disaster over a three minute period. photos will help them recreate the series of events that led to a fire three weeks ago. >> the size of this, people working in a refinery, this should not be happening. >> now at least 20 chevron employees were near the leaking pipe when the cloud formed some escaped just seconds before the
5:36 am
fire began. customers are -- should customers pay for pg&e's pipeline repairs. they want to charge them to pay for repairs mandated after the san bruno pipeline disaster. one lawmaker says the plan is offensive and we will hear what pg&e is saying and that's coming up at 5:45. they have shut down a central slaughter house, after they uncovered shocking animal abuse. the video shows cows being repeatedly shot kicked and shot. some cows were unable to walk, the facility slaughter hundreds of cows a day. and major league is looking to punish mikey melky cabrera.
5:37 am
and in a daily news investigation said an associate of melky cabrera's created a fake website to avoid that attention. they are getting out to san francisco bay as the america's cup world series cup gets underway this week. allie rasmus is already at an important kickoff event, good morning, allie. >> good morning. >> reporter: it is free for people to come down and watch today and later this morning they will start the official practice racing and at 4:00 people will come to marina green and will have a chance to personally meet them. behind this, what you are looking at, this is an actual racing sailboat that is taking part and this is being used for
5:38 am
some of the youth races and it is hard to recognize because it does not have the sales on it. this is the platform and that blue piece is the hall. talking about the week long event coming up, this is tim jeffery with the racing cup authority and what will people see when they come here? >> and we have official practice today. the 11 teams have -- the 11 competitors have been doing unofficial practice plenty of drama, three have capsized already but more practice and four more racing starts and super sunday, we call it the finale. >> reporter: how challenging is the water on the bay? >> very, as in very, very challenging. san francisco is a fantastic
5:39 am
place for sailing because you have strong winds and deep waters at the water's edge so you can have the race course but the big factor is the ways of the winds and you can feel it here, early morning, there is real bites to the wind. >> definitely a cold morning, jim, thank you very much, it is free for people to come watch, we have bleachers set up, live, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. and don't forget we have a free area to see the sports page on our website and sal is watching our commute, how are we doing, sal? well, we heard the story alice was talking about northbound 101 in novato that is still being tang care of. alex will have more from the scene and we will let you know
5:40 am
about that. let's look at westbound 80 and this traffic looks good although it is crowded already on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and you don't have to worry about traffic. one thing so far it looks good. if you are driving in novato, southbound 101 as you drive through, it does look good, let's go to rosemary. good morning to you, we have a trough approaching the coast and it is deepening the marine layer and we are already feeling it this morning, through the bay and through the delta and through the afternoon we will be driving our temperatures below average and this will be the pattern over the next couple of days. low clouds and fog, we are looking at gray skies and by the afternoon, sunny skies, mild weather around the bay and we could see a bit of a slower
5:41 am
burn time. inland areas, waking up with sunshine already, we are 50 minutes to the sunlight. you may see it, sunshine expected and through the afternoon breeze, it will be gusting through the bay, and will be breezy as well. 55 in livermore, 57 in hayward, low 50s, fso, san rafael and napa, 73 and we'll see the gray skies remain low right along the afternoon and we are looking at breezy conditions at the coast. low 60s expected there, low-to- mid 60s in downtown san francisco, and on the east bayside, we will be nice and warm, a little below average with the hottest spots hitting 90 degrees. your extended forecast, cooling trend, thursday and warming back into the upper 80s to low 90s as we get into your
5:42 am
weekend. we will get into those highs for you coming up. hundreds gathered to light candles in honor of a woman killed in san jose, the answer police are looking for this morning surrounding her death. you are what we would call in britain a doubtless person. >> what that lawmaker did could be singled out and called out on national television. and traffic here looks good although it is definitely getting more crowded especially in some parts, we will tell you about this and the rest of the morning commute. it's time to change the way we clean.
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. good afternoon, we are looking at 80s to near 90s inland. all right, rosemary thank you, here is a look at some of the top stories, breaking news in marin county, a man has died while police say he fell asleep while driving 101 in novato. his car slammed into a power pole there. pg&e crews said power in the area has not been affected. also san jose is investigating the city's 29th homicide and it happened at pokeco way. a 17-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital after being shot but died later.
5:46 am
and the big race village will open ahead of the first world cup series, that is tomorrow. and the semifinals are saturday. the big race itself is sunday. in election news, republican congressman todd aiken bailed on an interview. the missouri lawmaker canceled at the last minute but the show went on. >> good morning, you are looking at the empty chair todd aiken was supposed to be sitting in. >> he said women are able to prevent pregnancies in quote legitimate rape. he said he would drop out of the race but he is vowing to stay on. and according to numbers, the president is leading
5:47 am
republican mitt romney only by 12% which reps chicago that only puts him ahead by a small margin where he should be getting more support. they are honoring a woman who was killed on a sidewalk last week. about 200 people gathered for this candlelight vigil, they are remembering a homeless woman who police say killed by a man -- say a man killed a woman using a sword as a weapon. the people who knew her knew her as gail. >> she never begged or panel membered, she was part of the fabric of our lives.
5:48 am
>> they are trying raise $700 for a proper burial. >> operation cease-fire calls for probation officers to tell offenderrers they are being watched. it was not a success when it was first implemented because offenders were rarely prosecuted. the california utility commission will decide if they can raise rates for the gas lineup grades. they replaced them after the san bruno blast killed 8 peep. they want people to pay an average of $2 more a mob for 40 years. jerry hill who represents san
5:49 am
bruno thinks share holders should pay instead but they are voting on the increase in about a month. >> sal, let's get you out the door. >> well being we are being looking at highway 4 which is where we will start where westbound traffic is moving along nicely and it is crowded and you can see the sun and coming up over the hills and traffic is especially busy in antioch and pets over the hill to concord. if you are driving out to the bay bridge toll plaza, there are no maim problems as a matter of fact we had a nice looking drive all the way to san francisco. northbound 101 looks good, northbound 280 all the way to cupertino, we had a nice start
5:50 am
and southbound 17 with crowded conditions in los gatos, but we are doing well, let's go to rosemary. that delta breeze is blowing through fairfield, dusting to 30 and 37 miles per hour. yes, we have a cool down on the way, around the bay area, richmond reporting gusty areas as well. and in the upper 50s, 55 fso, 53 narrows disa, we are weaking up with mostly gray skies fair skies to start your morning. we will have a cool down and it will increase relative humidity and that's good news and it will be deepening the marine layer and it will continue to increase as the trough moves
5:51 am
closer to the coast for today and our cool willing trend will -- cooling trend will continue. 81 degrees in santa rosa 80 degrees expected for napa, 67 in sol alito and through the delta, 85 in concord, 86 danville and livermore checking in 87, upper 60s to 70 degrees right along the bay, and michelle le, down into the south bay, 83 los gatos, up the coast, daily city as well as half-moon pay, 74 redwood city, is the extended forecast will show numbers continuing to fall off, warming it pack up into the upper 80s to near 90s low 60s at the coast, i will have
5:52 am
your lunchtime numbers there. and united u.s. airways and delta have all followed southwest leads and america has raised their fares. those include flights from the bay area to las vegas, and san diego. hilton marriott and several other hotel chains are accused of price fixing they teamed up to drive up hotel prices and the federal lawsuit. and almost 78 i pads were shipped. samsung is a distance 9%. talk about money, how the private tickets and a big
5:53 am
donation, they are getting ready to play cal bear football. plus who will travel on labor day weekend and who will stay home, the new predictions about holiday travel.
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. time now 5:55 a travel prediction that will it be a very busy labor day weekend, 33 million americans will take a labor day weekend vacation up almost 3% from last year. aaa says we will be spending more on the rising price of gasoline and that will not slow us down. san jose family is facing a plea, the five defendants are accused of neglecting adults who were starved, beaten and bathed only one time a month. this family was also collecting security checks and relatives
5:57 am
of the victim complained they were not allowed to visit the nursing home. 321 million-dollar retrofit is nearing the finish line. they donated $10 million for athletics program combat it's on going budget cuts. >> our football program has a stadium where the community wants to gather and it is suring up our financial model. >> they return home to host nevada and if you are looking for single tickets, tickets will cost more than they used to. >> i sawzall in the stadium, but he has the seat talking about our traffic this morning. >> it is funny how when i was a
5:58 am
student dent i was with the alumni and now i am one of the old guys. >> northbound 280 looks good coming up highway 17 and 680 from the sunole grade that looks good to pleasanton and san jose. back to you. deadly violence continues, what we have learned about the latest homicide victim in san jose. >> also in the past 90 minutes, this, a fatal crash in marin county. and i will have a look at what you can expecting for your neighborhood coming up. it's time to change the way we clean.
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